Business development in FRANCE and GERMANY

Business development in FRANCE and GERMANY

Well-renowned German export service-provider with 30 years of experience on the German-French interface advises and supports foreign firms aiming to establish themselves or optimise their market position in Germany and/or France. Our service range covers a full service package for the development of the German, French (and neighbouring) export markets.

We offer to foreign enterprises interested in exporting:
practical market analysis, introduction to buyers, distributor/agent selection, campaign management, personnel search and recruitment, consultation on location.

Norbert J. Breuer can furthermore provide you with excellent references. A freelance German-French management consultant since 1995, he is also a seminar speaker at numerous German Chambers of Industry and Commerce and has written books about the French market for well-known publishing houses. These works received positive mention in the leading German daily newspapers Frankfurter Allgemeine, Süddeutsche Zeitung and Handelsblatt.

His activities are primarily focused on innovative small and mid-sized industrial companies, but even large enterprises such as SIEMENS are among the satisfied customers who take advantage of his multinational services. His native language is German, in addition to which he also speak fluent French and English.

Norbert J. Breuer’s assorted activities, including the rare and valuable combination of export marketing / economic development promotion, yield an optimum blend of competent and efficient performance.