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ANCA Europe GmbH, Weinheim/Germany

Recruiting in France

ANCA Europe GmbH first engaged Mr. Norbert Breuer in 2016 during its search for a Sales Manager in France.

ANCA is a market leading manufacturer of universal CNC tool grinding machines and CNC systems. At the core of ANCA’s success are innovative machine concepts which are tailored to customer requirements. The company is headquartered in Melbourne, Australia and currently operates ten branches worldwide. ANCA Europe GmbH is responsible for sales and customer support in the EMEA region.

The market research conducted by Mr. Breuer and his development of a detailed recruitment strategy positioned ANCA to acquire the best possible candidate in the French market. Mr. Breuer used familiar recruitment strategies to conduct a detailed search for candidates. He also demonstrated a particular aptitude in the selection of the correct recruitment media and in the pre-selection of job applicants. Ultimately, Mr. Breuer’s expertise allowed ANCA to assemble a wide selection of applicants and from these secure an excellent candidate for the position.

Following his performance in the recruitment of a sales manager for France, Mr. Breuer was included in a project to find a technician to expand the service team in France. Mr. Breuer’s versatile knowledge and thorough research identified several suitable candidates. Ultimately, the project was successful, and again this was primarily due to Mr. Breuer’s professionalism and tireless support. Furthermore, despite the difficult personnel market, Mr. Breuer exceeded the original project scope and identified a second candidate who has now been employed by ANCA GmbH.

Mr. Breuer has a remarkably broad sales experience which he employs with great effectiveness. He has exceeded expectations during every project in which he has been involved and his precise knowledge of the French job market is particularly noteworthy. Meetings and appointments were always very efficient, highly productive and extremely pleasant. For the task of recruiting within the French market, Mr. Breuer has been an indispensable partner, and is someone whom ANCA would not hesitate to work with in the future.

Jan Langfelder – Managing Director